Thursday, March 31, 2011

More/Official Race Photos

This picture had potential to be cool. I may try to play with lighting in Photoshop and see if I can improve it. This was at the 5k mark. I ditched the jacket early on but kept my gloves for most of the race. I think they add a nice touch. LOL.

See the guy in the orange in the freaking middle of the finish line? Yeah. He's in all of my finish line photos and the video. I'm a nurse, I did the right thing and looked to make sure he was alive, but still... if you're not dead, get up jackhole.

Official Post-Race Photo... I only included it because I felt I "should". Blah. Next time I'll get in line with a female photographer instead of a young guy. I'm certain a woman would have made sure I looked better.

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