Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Thank you, God, for a great run today. This is what I needed. I needed to remember that feeling of running being good, not just good when it's over. The weather was perfect- started at about 55 degrees with just a light wind and finished at about 67 degrees. I wore capris and a tank, but could have easily worn my running skirt (just a note on clothing so I can pick what I'll wear on race day). I ran what I've seen referred to as a "lasso" route. It kinda looks like a lasso on a map- The beginning and end are the same, but there's a big loop that makes up the middle portion of the run. I even ran into another city. It should have been 11.2 miles but ended up being 10.7 when I made it back to my car so I had to run past "the end" and come back. It's not an 11 miler unless the Garmin shows 11.00 or more! ;)

The first 7 miles were great. Lungs and legs felt good, and it was easy to run. I set the training zones on my Garmin so it would alarm if I was running too fast or too slow. I didn't let myself get faster than 9:45/mile or slower than 12:20/mile. It only beeped at me a few times during the run so I was pacing myself pretty well. I was struggling when I got to 8.75 miles and walked a few times between there and the end- just 30 second or less each time. My total time was 2 hours and just under 3 minutes. Average pace was 11:09. That's my first run to take me past the 2 hour mark. I think that was more beneficial than the actual mileage. My goal for the half is under 2:15, so mentally I know that I'll only have to run another 12 minutes on race day (assuming my pace is faster than today, which I'm sure it will be). I'll basically have to be 1 minute/mile faster to make that goal.

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