Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easy Run

After I took the kids to school this morning I stopped at the park to run. I forgot my Garmin in the car, started to go back and get it, then decided against it. I have no idea how long I ran, what distance, or what pace (it wasn't *that* far or long). No music, either. Just an easy run with minimal "stuff." I used my new handheld water bottle. It's OK. I don't love it, but it might be my best option during the half, at least for the first several miles.

I'm really excited for the race. I just don't want to get nervous. Excited = positive vibes. Nervous = negative vibes. I have no reason to be nervous. I've trained for the distance. My goal time is challenging but attainable. I'm ready!


Jake said...

You are so ready. Your gonna do great!!!!

kilax said...

I love those easy, simple runs, where you are not loaded down by much and you just get up and go. You will totally be ready!