Thursday, March 10, 2011

My First Social Run

Luke's Locker is the closest running store to our house and they offer a free social run on Thursday mornings. Because of Jake's work schedule I can only go every 3rd week and today is that week. I got up at 5am and was there early. Everyone met inside the store where we discussed distance/pace and split into groups accordingly. I started out with a group of 6 who intended to run 4 miles at 10 minute pace, but after the first mile my group of 4 pulled away from the other 2. Running with a group is SO much more enjoyable. All 3 of the women currently work at Luke's or have in the past so I was the new one in the group. I led, but maybe it was because I was new and they just let me pick the pace. But, they invited me on their Sunday runs which I may do sometime. It feels really good to have already done my run for the day. Our total distance was 4.00 miles in 37:52. Average pace was 9:28.

mile 1- 10:00
mile 2- 9:44
mile 3- 9:06
mile 4- 9:00

I get to go back next week because the kids will be at the lakehouse for spring break.

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