Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Run Post Half

I got up this morning and did the social run at the running store closest to our house. I ended up running with just one other girl. She just started working at the running store, was a sprinter in college, and is just getting back into running (as in today was her 3rd run back). Maybe that's a career I can consider- working at the running store. I'm pretty sure it doesn't pay as well as being a nurse but maybe the discount could be figured into net salary. We ran 2.71 miles in 28:07. It was a slow, easy run. My foot felt best while I was running (no pain and I was just barely aware that it didn't feel 100% at the very end). I think that must make me a real runner- when I feel better running than walking. Right?

I posted something on my family blog (which I keep private but if you're reading this and I "know" you and you want to read it, let me know and I'll send you an invite- it's almost entirely about the kids, but I posted a couple of family pics post race... trying to keep the kids off this blog) and a friend who I don't get to talk to often saw it. She texted me yesterday and we had a back and forth convo about running. She's running her first full marathon in Dallas on 4/10 so I'm going to take the kids and go cheer for her somewhere after mile 20. She's a total badass... goal of sub 4:00, wants to run 2 fulls and 2 halfs this year, get into triathlons, and ultimate goal is to qualify for Boston. Yay for having another running partner!

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