Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Like Yoga!

I attended my second yoga class yesterday. I liked it the first time and truly intended to make it a weekly thing, but I just haven't made it a priority to go back. After the half I'm truly going to get back into the gym for some strength training and yoga. I know I need to balance the running. I'll be doing speed work, too, in preparation for the 5k and 10k races I have planned from April-June. I can't believe I might be training for another half as soon as July/August.

Anyway, so I really enjoyed yoga. I still haven't met the "real" instructor for this session because it's been a sub both times. But I liked how this girl reminded us several times that THIS hour was for us to practice yoga and not think about our to-do lists or sort out other issues in our heads. Because I SO do that. I also liked how, at one point, she told us to move the "fleshy parts" away from our sit bones. I think that's the nice way to say push your fat ass out from under your real butt.

So yoga felt great while I was doing it and about 6 hours later I felt my neck and shoulders tightening up. This wouldn't really be a problem had I not asked Victoria if we could run our last long run together tomorrow- 10 miles. I'm sure I'll feel fine once we get going. I'm so excited to have somebody to run with for a long run.

The kids will be with my parents for the next couple of days so I got to spend *the entire day* shopping. Like 9 hours. I bought a new sports bra at Lululemon. I decided to go with the Ta Ta Tamer. I felt like a total dork when I read the tag and it explained that you can unhook the straps and criss-cross them for tanks that need a different bra outline. I've had my other Lululemon bra for probably 2 months and never realized that, even thought the straps have come unhooked and I wondered why the heck they would make straps that unhook. Duh.


Pam said...

LOL "fleshy parts"

Victoria said...

lovin your blog! thanks for the run today!