Friday, March 25, 2011

Race Weekend is Here!

We went to the expo this afternoon to pick up my race bib and other goodies. I really liked a t-shirt but couldn't see myself wearing it in public so I didn't buy it.

Dear Running,

Thank you for giving me such a nice ass.

Love you

The only thing I bought was a headband that matches what I'll wear for the race. I tried on a couple of running skirts and some shorts. I think I'll stick to my "no shorts" rule. They just don't feel right! The finishers medal looks really cool. I can't wait to earn mine. There seemed to be some confusion over corral assignments. I talked to one of the girls who will lead my pace group and she's a corral behind where I think that pace group should be, but they didn't have anything officially laid out as to where each pace group could be found on race day. Then they said it doesn't even matter what corral you're assigned to. I changed mine just to be safe.

Brooks shoes was offering a free gait analysis. They had you run barefoot on a treadmill while they videoed your feet. Then they played it back in slow motion and measured the degree to which you pronate. I was happy to hear that the Brooks Adrenaline shoes I'm running in are perfect for me. They feel great to me!

I saw one friend at the expo and at the gym this morning ran into a mom from our preschool. Her little guy is in my little guy's class. It turns out she's also a runner and will be running this race, too. She's faster- has a goal of under 2:00. We chatted in the locker room for too long, then continued our conversation on the treadmills. I just did 30 minutes of 2.5min intervals. Nice and easy...

I need to try and get a good night's sleep tonight. I may not sleep well tomorrow night!

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Pam said...

Good luck this weekend!!!!