Friday, April 1, 2011

Three Random Trains of Thought

1- I have race fever. I got an email today for a half marathon in May and I want to run it! But I'm not going to do it. I have a plan to work on speed and focus on the 5k/10k distance through the summer and that's what I'm going to stick to. The half training will resume soon enough. Sigh... but at least I have a 5k next weekend. Is it crazy to look at last year's results for this race to try and figure out if I have a chance of placing in my age group? Well, I looked.

2- In the meantime, I'm jealous of my kids who have a race tomorrow. They're both going to run their first 1k. Peanut is the 4 year old (girl) and Shankopotamus is the 2 year old (boy). She's fired up like you would not believe and he's into pretty much anything that she's into. I am praying that they give medals to the kids who run the 1k because otherwise we're going to be looking for somewhere that sells medals tomorrow. I think she thinks that's the coolest thing about racing. She might be right. I like my bling. A lot. She made a comment at the gym today about "beating everybody and winning a trophy."  Then, in the car, she asked if they would have snacks after the race. I think she's pretty much got races figured out. If she knew that some girls wear tutus I'd be screwed. There's high probability that she'll ask to wear a skirt for the race anyway. Before bed tonight we picked out their race attire. It almost pains me that they don't have any athletic clothing, much less running gear. They will if they actually get into this.

3- Today I did my first strength training workout in, oh, 2 months? I don't know why I haven't been doing it. I always forget that I actually like strength training. I just did one rotation on the circuit that my trainer had me doing when I lost all the weight in the fall... the first circuit, not that crazy trainer crap he had me doing as I got stronger. Next week I'll add the second and maybe third rotation. I just didn't want to be majorly sore this weekend.

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