Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Speed and Rest

Weather temptation got the best of me this morning. I could either do my speed workout today or tomorrow and the weather was better today. About halfway through the run I knew yesterday's 6 miles took a bigger toll on my legs than I initially thought. I planned to run the first mile slowly, run 9:19 pace for 30 minutes, then finish with a slower mile. I managed to do 2 miles at my tempo pace (9:15 for first mile and 9:10 for second mile) but I couldn't keep up the pace to finish out the 30 minutes. The next mile dropped to 10:26 before I slowed down even more for the last mile. 5 total miles with average overall pace of 10:10.

Note to self: don't do speed and long runs back to back and probably plan on doing speed first on most rested legs. That might even force me to run the slower pace I'm supposed to run on the long runs.

Ahhh... live and learn. 11 miles in 2 days has left me exhausted. I feel exactly like I did a few weeks ago when I was running 11 miles in one day.  Silly rookie me, trying to do more than my body is used to.

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