Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lessons Learned Today

I'm sort of kicking myself (and Jake) for not running the 5k in the race that the kids ran this morning. It was a really small race. I know I could have won my age group (30:29 was the time to beat) and the winner in Jake's age group was 32:23. I think he could have beat that. He ran 2 miles in just over 20 minutes this afternoon. He's getting faster, well... fast. We even kicked around the idea of one of us registering last minute but decided to stick with our plan of racing next weekend.

The kids had fun. Peanut more so than Shankopotamus. Only 5 kids ran the Kids K and Shankopotamus was the yougest kid and only boy. Peanut was in fourth place until the turn around when she started making up time. She was making ground on the leader as she neared the finish line! She even got a stitch in her side- it was a little funny to watch her grab at it as she ran. Shankopotamus ran the first part with Jake, then decided he wanted to run with me. After the turn around he said, "I want to walk" so we walked for a few seconds before I encouraged him to run again. They got medals so they were happy.

We took turns running at the park before our nephew's t-ball game. I wanted to run 1 mile as fast as I could so I could get an idea of the pace I should use for my first speed workout on Monday (5 x 400). I don't think I've ever really run for speed. Not like, give it everything you've got, speed. Maybe that's part of being a new runner and not really knowing what I'm capable of. I'd rather run a little conservative and not have to walk... or die. Anyway, I took off hauling ass on my one mile run. I quickly realized that a one mile run is not a sprint for me. I ran the first half mile in under 4 minutes but thought I was going to die. I don't have my Garmin in front of me but each 1/4 mile in the first half was under 8 min pace. I don't think I've ever seen a "7" leading the numbers for my pace unless maybe it was down a hill or something. I walked for a minute, then finished the rest of my mile at a more reasonable pace. I still wanted to throw up at the end, don't get me wrong. Maybe that's what people mean when they say "just below puke pace." My time was 8:34. I know that's a little skewed because of the walk, though.


Pam said...

YAY for Shankopotamus (great blog name for the kid lol) and Peanut!

Shanda said...

That's so cute that the kids ran a 1K!!! Just the beginning for them!!! Tell Jake good job for sticking with running!! It's very addictive!