Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thrill of the Grill 5k Race Report

I won't beat around the bush. It wasn't pretty. I busted on all three of my goals and didn't PR. It wasn't my legs, it was my lungs. I'd rather run a half marathon at a comfortable pace where I'm not out of breath! I run fast, get short of breath, and just give up. I hate that.

I finished in 28:36.5 and placed 17th (of 114) in my age group. There were 1358 finishers- 514 men with an average time of 35:00 and 844 women with an average time of 41:00. I was the 86th female finisher and 269th overall. Kinda funny, though- Jake decided last minute to run a different 5k that started earlier and was closer to where he was working. I guess we're SOLE MATES because he finished in 28:37... one second after me.

That's enough negativity. I'm going to keep running and working on speed. I enjoy my long runs and if I remember correctly I move up to 7 miles this week.

The french toast casserole after the race was really good. They also had eggs and bacon and were doing a BBQ cookout to be judged later. It smelled good, just not right after I crossed the finish line!

We saw this guy (and his shirt and shorts) after the race while we were waiting for the awards ceremony. My friend finished in under 24 minutes so we thought she might have a chance at a medal. She didn't medal but I bet she was really close because I think the 3rd place winner in her age group was in the 22's or 23's.


Teamarcia said...

A www sorry it wasn't the race you wanted but you have a great attitude about it. Keep chipping away at it, do your speed work and you'll be able to hold a faster pace longer. Congrats!

Pam said...

Sorry you didn't get the time you were looking for. Although the time you came out of it with ain't too shabby at all! But I know exactly how you feel. It's aggravating as hell to get anything less than what you know you're capable of, right?!

That being said... it's May. It's only gonna get hotter and less 5K-friendly from here until the fall. We both may have to put our PR hopes on hold until it starts cooling off again.