Thursday, April 21, 2011

Past 2 Runs + Jelly Bean Virtual Race

My mom spent the night with us on Tuesday night and Jake worked that night so I took advantage of having somebody home with the kids. I got up at 5:45 on Wednesday for a morning run. That was my first run in the dark. I stuck to main roads where I thought I'd have decent lighting from streetlamps and traffic from cars. Only one of my side streets was a little darker and less traveled than I would have liked. I'll have to figure out what route will work for dark:30 runs. I didn't eat before I ran and I figured out that doesn't work for me. I was feeling great in mile 2 and thought I'd go ahead and run 10k for The Jelly Bean Virtual Race but toward the end of mile 3 I crashed. I just had no energy and had to push to finish the 4th mile home. It had to be the lack of calories... 4 miles in 42:27 (average pace 10:37)

This is my week that the social run at my closest running store works for our schedule. I got up at 5:30 to be at the store by 6. I checked the radar on my phone before getting out of bed and didn't see any green. I got in my car and it was misting but I figured I was up and dressed so I'd see if the group runs in the rain. They're runners, of course they do. I don't know if it stopped, the tree cover protected us from the mist, or the 95% humidity had me sweating enough that I'd never know it was misting, but regardless- it didn't bother me. I ran with a woman who I ran with the first time I did this social run and a man. The man ran 3 miles and we continued on for a little over 4. My running buddy is more experienced than me but very similar in pace for all distances and we're both nurses. We're both trying to break 27 minutes on our 5k! I asked what races she has coming up and one is on 4/30 when I was trying to race so I'm going to register for that and try to run with her. I think we could pace each other to sub-27. She encouraged me to sign up for the half marathon training program through the store for my fall races even if I can't make all of the training runs. I may have to look into that for some extra push since I'll be aiming for sub 2 hours on those races. We ran 4.24 miles in 41:01 (average pace 9:40). This was my fastest run for the week so I'll take a portion of it for The Jelly Bean Virtual Race and call it my 5k... 29:06. Not bad but real life race atmosphere does a lot for me!

It's been a busy week and I'm exhausted. Peanut is at preschool today so Shankopotamus and I are going to have a pj day. The boy gets to watch Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I get to read blogs. Awesome.

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