Sunday, April 3, 2011

Triple Crown?

I've been thinking pretty seriously about adding the St. Louis Rock n Roll Half Marathon to my race calendar for 2011. My only cousin lives in St. Louis, so we could drive there (would rather fly but airfare for 4 is not an option) for a long weekend and get to see them. The race is the weekend after my birthday (10/21), on 10/23. That would leave exactly 6 weeks until the half in Vegas. That's not too close is it? My half was a week ago today and other than this stupid foot I feel back to normal. I guess there's always a chance I could hurt myself running in the smaller races or training runs leading up to Vegas, so what's another big race? I would say I could just "run it for fun" like I've seen other runner bloggers write, but I can't honestly do that. I don't know how.

Plus, Rock n Roll awards "Heavy Medal" based on the number of their half or full marathons you run in a year. Based on running Dallas and Vegas (since we've already paid for that trip), I would get this medal:
But if I run Dallas, St. Louis, and Vegas, I would get this medal:

I have until 6/30 to decide before the registration fee goes up, but I'd probably decide before then. I'd need to start training at the very end of July or first of August. Ha! Training in the hottest part of the year for Texas only to go and race in cooler St. Louis. The average low for October is 48 and average high is 68, but I read somewhere that the average date of the first fall moderate freeze is 10/25. So it could be pretty cold.

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Shanda said...

I think you should go for it! 6 weeks would give you plenty of rest time in between!!