Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To Race or Not to Race?

Last night I went to register for the 5k I planned to run on 5/7 and discovered that it's been postponed until next year. Ugh- I was looking forward to that race. I looked at the list of races for 5/7 and a week earlier on 4/30 and nothing totally interests me. They all appear to be bigger than I want, but there are some cheap ones so they may win out. Or maybe I shouldn't race until 5/14 so I can keep focusing on speed and hopefully beat my last PR by a bigger margin. Or I thought about finding a race on one of those days that offers a 1k for the kids. Peanut has been begging to race again. But I didn't see many 1k options and I don't want to pay $25 x 2 for my 2 and 4 year old kids to run. I don't think Peanut could do a 5k yet (even walking she would be too tired) and I had to encourage Shankopotamus to keep going at that 1k (or less) that they did several weeks ago. Hmmm... to race or not to race?

Update- I'm still looking for a race and I just found this one on Active.com! I couldn't make this up. But I will NOT be entering.

The Skinnydipper Sun Run is a clothing optional cross-country race that is fun and challenging and includes ravines, logs, gravel roads, trails thru woods and open meadows


Shanda said...

You should do that race it sounds like fun

Teamarcia said...

Ooooh I can't imagine that 'sun run' would be popular but then again you never know....probably lots of spectators though! : 0