Monday, April 25, 2011

Sometimes the "Feel Good" Doesn't Come Until it's Over

This morning I planned to do a 35 minute tempo run. As soon as I started running I felt the same pain in my left inner thigh that I felt when I tried to run on Friday. I made the decision to switch to my long run so I could keep a slow pace. It'll work out. I'll do ice and anti-inflammatory meds for a couple days and hopefully that will help. Then I can do my speed workout with Run Club on Wednesday night. I ran 6 miles and almost got caught in the rain. It started to sprinkle so I put my phone inside a ziplock bag I packed in my hydration belt.

Total miles: 6
Total time: 1:05:39
Average pace: 10:56
Slowest mile: 11:20 (first mile)
Fastest mile: 10:43 (fifth mile)

This was one of those runs when it never felt good. I kept hoping my leg would loosen up but it never did. It felt good when I stopped running.


Pam said...

Uh oh. Hope you get that taken care of PDQ!

Shanda said...

Good job for finishing the 6 miles. I agree some days you are just not feeling it!!! Every day is different. Get some rest and heal that leg!!!