Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Half Marathon

I've gone back and forth on this race several times... half marathon - 10k - half marathon - 10k.

Half marathon. And yes, that's my final answer. I registered for the 10k, then I'm not sure who convinced whom, but a friend and I agreed to run the half together, so the difference in registration fees is in the mail. This will be my second half marathon.

On August 14th, I'm going to run the Hottest Half with several friends (because misery loves company). I am NOT racing. I'm in it to finish without medical intervention. This race was featured in Runner's World this month, in an article that discussed surviving racing in the heat. The medal is HOT and I can't wait to have it hang from my medal display... love the flames!


Shanda said...

Hot will definitely be the word of the day!! We will have fun though!! I am looking forward to running with you!! There is just something about running in extreme temperature that does it for me. It is an added challenge.

Lesley @ said...

See ya there!!!

alicia said...

Nice job! I would be there to cheer you on at the aid station but we have family in that weekend! I wanna hear all about it though!