Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Won!

I usually catch up on blogs at night, but I didn't read blogs last night since I didn't get home until almost 11 after running 8.3 with the girls from North Texas Runners. When I woke up this morning I had a comment on my blog from somebody who found me because I won the giveaway Tall Mom on the Run was hosting for $100 towards a pair of Brooks shoes at Awesome!!! I was so jealous when Pam commented on her blog yesterday about the wide toe box on her new Brooks Ghost 4's and one of my friends was wearing Ghost 4's on our run last night. Ghost 4's have been on my brain since I was told about them a couple months ago before they were out. But I can't make my final selection until I go to the running store and try on my options. I shop online for anything and everything way too much stuff, but I've been groomed to go to the running store and be properly fitted. So hopefully I'll get a chance to do that with my free time during Babysitter Thursday so I can order my new Brooks shoes!

I studied the pictures of shoes in pretty colors the list of Brooks shoes available at and found a few options:

1- There's the Brooks Mach 3 Spikeless. It's purple. All of my running shoes are and have been blue. I can't help but be drawn to something prettier! Cool racing shoe. I've never bought any of those. Am I fast enough or competitive enough to warrant a racing shoe? Do you wear racing shoes for a sub-2 half marathon?(because that's pretty much all I care about right now) But maybe the answer to whether I should have a racing shoe is no- because it only comes in regular widths, as do all of the Brooks racing shoes. Hmmm. Fat feet can't be fast, apparently. Maybe it has nothing to do with fast twitch muscle fibers. I have a new study for somebody to do... fat footed fast runners- do they exist?
2- Then there's also the Brooks Adrenaline ASR 8. Another pretty option. Pink and gray. But it's gray because it's a trail shoe! So I ran trails one time when I thought it was hot, but it wasn't really hot, because NOW it's HOT. But the girls at NTX Runners are into trails and I have my first trail date next weekend. So I might be needing some trail shoes, huh?

3- And then there's the Brooks Ghost 4. What I've coveted for months but never actually tried on. Guess what color it comes in? Blue. Well, it comes in a green, but not for wide feet and unless the overall fit of this shoe is just plenty wide, I'll probably need the fat foot color.
So I'll plan on going by the running store after my pedicure and chiropractor appointment tomorrow. I can't wait to post which ones I choose!


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Congrats on winning! So jealous, I have been wanting to try the Ghost 4 also. Have fun trying on shoes!

Shanda said...

Congrats that's the second time you have won something!! $100 towards shoes is a good deal