Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Things Thursday

  1. I ran with Peanut today. She (and likely Shankopotamus) will run a 1k on Monday. She looked so cute in her running skirt, tank, and shoes! One lap around our block is 0.4 miles and we did 2 laps. She had to walk a few times but overall I thought she did really well. Shankopotamus doesn't like running enough to practice but I think he'll have a meltdown if Sis gets a medal and he doesn't.
  2. After I finished running with her I went for my own run. I almost always run mid-morning, so running at 4pm was different. It was "only" 79 degrees but very sunny and it just felt hard! I almost feel like I'm starting over with running as the temperatures climb. I wonder if it'll feel like I'm starting over when it gets cold. 
  3. I ran topless for the first time today. Not totally topless of course (because I'm not training for one of those nude 5ks), but in a sports bra and skirt. I'm not at my skinniest and didn't feel completely comfortable but having less fabric on my hot & sweaty skin was a nice feeling... definitely motivation to watch the diet so I can feel good about doing that again. Oh, and it was a constant reminder to engage my core!


Cari Mugz said...

I would love to get to "topless" too!!!
Temps are still pretty cool here in ID though.
Glad your Peanut got to go....

Clarkie said...

I wish that it was warm enough to run with a little less. I am still wearing my running tights in the morning.