Monday, May 30, 2011

Stonebridge Memorial Day 5k Race Recap

All 4 family members raced this one! My mom came in town to watch the kids race and since she would already be there, Jake and I decided to go ahead and run the 5k. Watching the kids was by far the most enjoyable part! They were both so excited. Peanut lined up right up front at the start and I gently suggested she move back a little. I was afraid the big kids would trample her! She's almost 5, but she's pretty small and Shankopotamus isn't far behind her (and he's 2 years younger). Jake ran with Shankopotamus, but Peanut didn't want anyone to run with her. I just acted as her paparazzi and she didn't seem to mind that. Even the 1k course was challenging! The first 1/3 or so was downhill but the rest was uphill. She walked a couple times and I tried to get her to "chick" another kid at the end. As soon as she crossed the finish line and got her medal, I ran back up the course to take pictures of Jake and Shankopotamus. He was having fun and smiling, too. They both love their medals.

As soon as their race was over it was time to line up for the 5k. My first mile was fine and right on target for where I wanted to be. There's a very short downhill portion at the beginning of the course and the next half mile is completely uphill, not to be confused with a gradual uphill. Maybe I'm being a pansy? Is 46 ft over a 1/2 mile not a reasonable hill? I walked a few times during mile 2, which was comprised of several rolling hills. At the water station I took a few sips and poured the rest down my shirt. It was cloudy with a breeze, but still hot. Mile 2 ended with the 2nd biggest hill of the course- 35 ft over 0.4 miles. I picked it up a little for mile 3 (which finally plateaued), but it wasn't enough to recover. It kinda sucked but every time a woman passed me I wondered if she was the one who would place ahead of me in my AG. I finished in 28:39, with an average pace of 9:15. I finished 5th out of 16 in my AG. That's my slowest 5k of the year but I'm OK with it. It's hot and times aren't going to get any better until it cools off.

There was a serviceman in uniform who also did the 5k, wearing a backpack. The race director pointed him out at the start line and everyone cheered when he crossed the finish line. Thank you to all the men and women who have served or still serve our country, and also to their families.

Right now I'm kinda thinking about laying off the racing and training until August when it's really effing hot when it's time to start training for St. Louis. I'll keep up a decent long run each week because those are my favorite.


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

How fun that the whole family ran! Great job on your run!

kilax said...

Awesome race! I love that your whole family did it. And to me, anything that is not flat is a hill, although, I read many bloggers who run real hills... ha ha. I feel like such a wimp! I don't race much in the summer either. Too hot!!!