Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Four

1- Eating clean is going well. I cheated just a tiny bit yesterday (had like 3 bites each of banana pudding and chocolate parfait at lunch) but otherwise no sugar and no food out of a box. I've already lost 3 pounds (clearly all in my tummy) which I take as proof that my body hates junk carbs.

2- I confess I haven't been a good worker-outer this week. My 9 miles on Monday was my shining moment. I cut short my strength training on Tuesday, cut short my run on Thursday, and totally skipped out on strength training today. Tomorrow morning is speedwork at run club, so I will do that and I'll make up my strength training on Sunday morning.

3- I took Peanut shopping for running shoes today. She's going to run a 1k on Memorial Day and the Vans she ran in last time aren't going to cut it again. Like mother, like daughter... she needed a wide in running shoes even though she doesn't wear a wide in any other shoe style. I also picked up a running skirt and tank from Target this week so she'd have something more athletic to wear. She is in love with the running skirt but she's so little that the smallest size (4/5) is huge on her. I used a safety pin to pinch together the excess fabric in the back. She wants running skirts for play clothes this summer. 

4- The pictures from my 5k last weekend are posted. Much better and I think I'll buy one (I think the bottom one is my favorite). The first one is kinda funny because we were waiting for awards when they announced that this guy right in front of us played football for the St. Louis Rams. Poor guy was just standing there minding his own business one minute, and the next he was getting hounded for autographs by all the kids.

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Shanda said...

Those are great pics!! I haven't seen yours yet but the bottom one is really good!! You should order that one! We all have weeks like that! It drives me crazy when I have a week like that but I never really notice it affectingy running!! I got a pr at our last 5 k after not running all week because I was sick!!