Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Three Things Thursday

  1. Jake and I ran together yesterday. He planned to run 6 miles and I planned to run 7. We stuck together the entire time. When his 6 were done he walked for a few seconds as I ran on, then he decided to run my last mile with me- making that 7 mile run the farthest he's ever gone! I'm so proud of him. I'm not sure he enjoys running the same way I do at this point, but if we can do long runs together like that, it's going to be a good half marathon/marathon training cycle. 7 miles, total time 1:19:09, average pace 11:18. Like Goldilocks, it was just right!
  2. We saw this "little" guy on the trail when we were almost back to the car. This is the same trail we run in the dark for the social run on Thursday mornings from the running store. I may need to buy a light sooner than later. What the hell was I thinking when I ran those unpaved trails at Arbor Hills on Monday??? Like this guy's friends weren't hanging out there just waiting to take a strike at my sexy unprotected legs! I bet I was moving slow enough that I looked like the perfect prey, too.
  3. It's race week! 


    Teamarcia said...

    Woot for race week! I can do without any 'little guys'--blech!

    Pam said...

    Snakes are AWFUL around here this year! I've seen so many.

    Tricia said...

    congrats to your hubs on his longest run! My husband and I run together too


    and we're also running RnR LV so "hi" :)