Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trail Run

Thankfully I borrowed a headlamp when I went into the park bathrooms before we started the run. I would not have seen this little guy and his friend in the sink. Eeek!
The sun was just barely coming up when we started to run, so we stopped 1 mile in for a group photo. Fiona is missing in this pic because she was the photographer.
Shannon took a nasty fall with about 1.5 miles left in our loop. I was right behind her. We all stopped to help her clean her wounds (both knees and palms, one of which was awful) with water and baby wipes. We got back to the car and used some more proper supplies from Lesley's first aid kit. I've been teased on blogs and Facebook for my bandaging skills. Apparently my run-worthy bandage (because she planned to keep running and I didn't figure a band-aid would stick with sweat) made Shannon look like she was burned in a forest fire, not missing some skin on her palm.


Lesley @ said...

Glad to have nurse Kristi. I'll be stocking up on gauze for the next run.

Shanda said...

Good job!! Way to use those skills!! That's scary what was in the sink!! said...

I am glad you are a nurse...makes me feel if I can just keep up with you on trails in case I take a spill!