Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 3 Training Summary

Yesterday completed week 3 of my Sub-2 Half training plan. I'm not setting any speed PRs in this heat, but I set a distance PR... I ran 28.5 miles, my highest mileage ever in 1 week. That's higher mileage than my plan called for, but the social run with NTX Runners on Thursday gave me some extra miles. This week will probably be about the same mileage, given my weekend plans- keep reading through the summary or just scroll to the bottom for my coming week plan.

Monday- Ran 5.15 miles with Teri & Fiona
Tuesday- strength training
Wednesday- Ran 5 miles with 3 at half marathon pace (9:09) on the treadmill
Thursday- Ran 4.02 miles with Teri & Fiona, strength training, ran 4.57 miles with NTX Runners
Friday- planned rest day
Saturday- skipped yoga when Mary asked me to join her for lunch and shopping... a bonus rest day
Sunday- Ran 9.8 trail miles with NTX Runners + Shanda

 Sunrise on our trail run yesterday

Next week calls for another challenging tempo run (6 miles with 4 at 9:00 pace), a 5 and 4 miler, and a long run of 9 miles. BUT, there's this little race that was featured in Runner's World this month called the Hottest Half. They're saying this year might be the hottest Hottest Half ever. Awesome. So, my long run will be a half marathon on Sunday. I am NOT racing. I'm not even trying to race. I'm running with some friends and I have 2 goals: 1- get that HOT medal 2- feel pretty good when crossing the finish line.

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Shanda said...

Good week you had!!! Doesnt it feel good at the end of the week when you get to log all those miles!!! I had fun running with you and the group yesterday!! Trail running is challenging in it's own way. I will definitely run trails again.