Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Glory Be!

I worked 13+ hours yesterday (totally busy at work), slept 5 hours, and got up at 4:30 this morning for my long run. My training plan called for a 13 mile long run this week- my longest run before my next half marathon (9/25). We had a heavenly cool front blow in Sunday night. Since I worked yesterday I didn't get to race, which was a bummer. But, I planned my long run so I would still get to enjoy the cooler temperatures. Even with a tired mind, body, and soul, I woke up ready to run. It was 63 degrees. I definitely enjoy and need the cooler weather to run my best, but I'm also a cold weather sissy. This was pretty close to perfect for me. My training plan prescribes a pace for the long runs but with the summer heat, I've never hit the goal. Today's run called for 10:24 overall pace and I really hoped to nail it for the confidence boost.

I met Fiona & Teri at Celebration to run the first 6 together. Shannon planned to run 10 or so with me, but had car trouble this morning, so I ended up running the last 6.8 miles alone. It felt incredible to run faster and not be sucking wind. No walk breaks needed! I stopped at my car at 6.3 miles to refill my water bottle and eat some Honey Stingers, then headed out to finish on my own. I probably would have brought headphones had I known I would be running alone, but I enjoyed the silence and the early morning sun... just like old times before I had running buddies! Several times I looked down at my watch and saw that I was running at half marathon pace or better. It didn't hurt, but I'd talk myself into slowing down a little. With about 1.5 miles to go, I looked at my overall time and realized how close I was to my half marathon PR. I picked up the pace, determined to beat it. When my watched beeped at 13 miles, I pushed my legs to finish strong. Done!!! 2:08:30- PR by 20 seconds!!! Sub-2 half marathon, here I come. If I can do this during a training run, with half the distance by myself, I know I can nail my goal in a race. I even have a willing pacer for Heels & Hills & Him, so I just need another cool front.

Mile 1- 10:06
Mile 2- 10:13
Mile 3- 9:56
Mile 4- 9:59
Mile 5- 9:50
Mile 6- 9:40
Mile 7- 9:27
Mile 8- 9:55
Mile 9- 9:47
Mile 10- 9:49
Mile 11- 9:56
Mile 12- 9:58
Mile 13- 9:07
Mile 13.1- 7:51



Shanda said...

Great Job!!! I cant wait to see you nail that sub 2 in a few weeks!!! Your going to rock the Heel and Hills and Him. Ill be right there to make sure it happens!!!! See I told you that you would be fast when it cools off!!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Nice job! How awesome will that be when you get your sub 2 in the race coming up! I love how much faster I feel when it cools off, yay for fall races!

http://texasrunningmom.blogspot.com/ said...

Way to rock it! Very proud of you!!!