Friday, September 9, 2011

Massaging a Turkey Leg

I've been holding onto a massage gift card for awhile and made some time to use it today. Stress levels have been high, and that's usually what gets me in for a massage, even though I know my body needs it from running.  I told the therapist I'm a runner. I admit that I don't stretch, ice, or foam roll as often as I should. When I do foam roll, my right leg hurts like a mother. But it doesn't bother me to run or any other time, so it's gotta be ok, right? Some things said by the massage therapist during the session:
  • "holy shit, this leg is a mess" (yes, for real)
  • "your right leg is like a turkey leg" (not exactly sure what that means, I'm guessing the muscles are tough?)
  • "you're not going to be running within 4 months if you don't fix this" (most concerning because apparently he and my leg are unaware of the plans I have)
  • "you have a big knotty ass" (at least I think he was saying knotty and not naughty- and I still don't like the big descriptor... even if he was calling the knot big and not my ass in general)
He was not a small man and he LAID INTO my right leg. Calf, IT band, piriformis, it all hurt. Badly. I was biting the sheets and might have stopped breathing. I only forgave him when he told me I "don't know stress" until I have kids. Umm, dude, I have 2. He acted shocked and asked how old I was, 20? So he bought some redemption there- that A) I look like I don't have kids and B) I look a decade younger than my true age.

So, I'll now be "indulging" in monthly massage, plus stretching before and after runs and using the foam roller more than once or twice a week. 

2 comments: said...

That is and your knotty ass...I think we might have a new nickname! Just kidding...glad you are feeling better...

Shanda said...

That's awesome!! Those are comments I have never heard before!! lol hopefully you feel better now!! I need to get my massage too I have held on to mine since mothers day!!