Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Get Me Out of Here!

I'm in a running funk and I need out of it! I (mostly) put together my training plan, then realized I was 3 weeks ahead of schedule... I'm actually just under 15 weeks from my next half marathon, not 12. So that's the good news- I'm not floundering while the clock is ticking. I *might* have a different training plan by the time I'm 12 weeks out, anyway. Fingers crossed.

My last few runs have been lousy. I tried to run with the big (fast) kids at the running store's social run last Thursday morning. My Garmin wouldn't locate satellites for over a mile, so I ended up just turning it off. Bummer, because I'm curious how fast I ran that first mile. It felt fast. Then my foot started hurting, so I did some run/walk through the 2nd mile, and by mile 3 I just blew it off and walked back to the store.

I quit my long run yesterday at 4.5 miles instead of the planned 8. The good news in that run was that I tried 2 new things and liked both. First up, the socks:
I bought one pair of Balega Hidden Dry running socks to try. They're super thin. Not a very long run to really test them, but usually I'd have at least a couple small blisters. Nothing!

I also wore my new Moving Comfort Juno bra. It's my new favorite sports bra. It has molded cups (so no nips), racerback (for cute tanks), has extra areas for personalized fit (straps adjust in the front with velcro and the back still has a regular bra hook closure to tighten the band fit), and it minimizes the bounce.

I just want to get back to enjoying my runs and looking forward to the next one!


Shanda said...

I feel the same way the heat has just zapped my energy! Love the new gear! I want to try the new sports bra!!

Pam said...


Cari Mugz said...

Sometimes you feel it and other times you just don't. this week has been hard for me too. Hoping to catch some energy by doing morning runs and changing my routine.

Good Luck

Em said...

Hey girl, I just found your blog! I can totally relate to the running funk, its weird how sometimes runs can go great and other times you think "there is NO WAY I'm running another mile". I also feel ya on the garmin, I get so frustrated when mine wont pick up signal during runs. Whats up with that?!