Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Most Beautiful Run Ever

I'm fresh off a cruise ship. Yesterday morning I was dressed and on the sport deck of the ship, running at sunrise as we left the port of Nassau... at 5:45 am. I'm not a pre-7am person and certainly not for exercise but I couldn't pass up this opportunity. It was so peaceful to run when nobody else was up and the view was amazing no matter where I looked. In one direction I could see Nassau and in every other direction it was nothing but water. Another cruise ship passed us as they were headed into port, so with each lap I could see more detail of the other boat. I ran 33 laps, about 3 miles. I have no idea what my pace was and I didn't clock the run. None of it mattered. It was a run purely for the enjoyment of the location and the sport.

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