Friday, April 6, 2012

Texas Independence Relay 2012- Part 3

Lesley was first to run at 4am and ran Leg #26 at 5.03 miles.
Fiona ran Leg #27 at 6.41 miles.
Corina ran Leg #28 at 3.6 miles.
Dana ran Leg #29 at 2.3 miles.
I ran leg #30 at 5.59 miles.

My last leg started around 7am. I was really worried about this one because my stomach hadn't felt good since waking up at the hotel. I didn't feel like I could eat or drink anything, but managed to drink a bottle of water and eat a Honey Stinger waffle before my leg started. I've been eating really healthy and I think the McDonalds burger was just too much shock to my system. But in true runner form, as soon as I started running I felt better. This was my favorite leg. By then we were in Katy (I think) and it felt like running at home. I started out running through a neighborhood, then ended up on a paved trail through a park. A couple miles into the run, a girl came up behind me, asked my pace and if she could run with me. We chatted like old friends before introducing ourselves a couple miles later!
Part of the path was along a boardwalk
At the end of the leg, I handed off to Lesley who ran 6.79 miles in Leg #31. We couldn't follow her, and I fell asleep in the van. When she finished and van 1 took over, we went to breakfast where I had a chocolate chip bagel with cream cheese. I was starving by then and was tempted to get the bagel sandwich that Lesley ate even after I'd finished my bagel. After breakfast we went back to helping Van 1 leapfrog their runners. It was during this time that Corina and I killed a bag of mint M&Ms and some salt & pepper chips.

Our van was ready to take on the final 3 legs at about 2:30pm.
Dana started us out on Leg #38, which was 5.99 miles. She took a nasty fall on some bad sidewalks and skinned both palms as well as one knee. We quickly stopped the van and I hopped out with the first aid kit. Although Lesley had already run 5 legs with 26 or 27 miles for the weekend, she stepped up and continued running for our team. I cleaned Dana's wounds and did the best I could to bandage them. She wanted to keep running, but we convinced her to take a short break. Fiona took over the rest of the leg and I volunteered to run the final leg since Fiona was running then. We got Corina to the exchange point so she could run Leg #39 at 3.3 miles.
Protected a small blister I'd developed with pink argyle duct tape before I ran in my 5th leg
Pic courtesy of Corina/Mama C/CameraQueen
We were out of precious boob ice, so we made the fastest stop ever at a gas station to restock before getting back to Corina. Dana decided she wanted to run a mile or two of the final leg, so she started off Leg #40, which was 5.32 miles. She ran about 1.5 miles before handing it off to me. I ran alone for about a mile before Fiona jumped out to run with me. I was really hot after another mile and ready to get back in the van and let Fiona finish it out. She said she wouldn't be running as fast as we did together. What? I thought I was running her pace. She thought she was running my pace. It turns out we were both happy to quit with the 9ish pace in 90 degrees on a highway! We slowed the pace and I felt much better. We ran to the finish line and the rest of our team together.
Lesley bringing us more water and boob ice
We walked the epilogue (another .38 miles) together to the steps of the San Jacinto Monument where final pictures were taken and we received our medals.

Finisher's Photo at The San Jacinto Monument
Pic courtesy of Corina/Mama C/CameraQueen

Love the run. Love the bling.
Running TIR was an amazing experience. We ran across some beautiful parts of Texas. We missed meals. We missed sleep. But we worked as a team. We supported each other. I loved my vanmates. They are all strong runners and great women to call friends. I didn't get to spend much time with the other girls but I saw a lot of heart when I had the opportunity to give them water or ice on the side of the road and I look forward to running with these girls again.

*Once again, some pics courtesy of the talented Corina and here blog HERE

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Patty White said...

That takes a lot of logistical set up to do those runs. Congrats to everyone on each leg of the race. Great pics!