Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Danger Zone

I recall feeling a little twinge in it around mile 10 on Saturday but no pain for sure during the last 7. No pain after the run on Saturday afternoon. Maybe it was Saturday night when it started getting my attention. It's my right hip. It hurts. My husband said I sounded like a drunk pleading with God that I'd never drink again, as I puked into the toilet. Except I was making promises that I'd take the whole summer off from running, just please let this not be an injury, especially not another stress fracture, and let me run this marathon. Please!

I'm icing, resting (it's taper anyway and I'll taper even more if it'll help), and I'm contemplating anti-inflammatory medications. If it still hurts on Friday I'll go to my Ortho doc.

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hiker mom said...

Oh man I hope you feel better. I read on Jess's blog that you did all 4 Jelly Bean events too and had to check out your blog. Get some rest, stretch and ice and you should be ready to rock!