Sunday, February 26, 2012

New PR- for Distance!

This morning, and into the afternoon, I ran my first 15 miler. This is part of the plan I wrote for my half marathon PR attempt. I've mentally put that PR attempt on the back burner. I'll make that call on race day. But the plan calls for a 15 miler and a 17 miler before taper. Checked the first one off my to-do list. It was my longest run so far!

I ran with Shannon and Libby, from Libby's house. Our first 4.5ish miles were part of a loop that took us through one side of my neighborhood. We briefly stopped at Libby's house before heading out on the 10+ mile loop. Libby took us through most of west Allen I'm certain. There were lots of pretty houses and neighborhoods I've never seen before. There were also hills that I didn't know existed in Allen. We made 2 stops at CVS, one for me to potty and one to buy water since we'd run out. The last 2.5 miles were tough and I think we were all hurting. Shannon and Libby had excuses, with a 10 miler just yesterday. We took walk breaks every half mile instead of every full mile. I was thankful for the breaks, but my hips/legs were so tight that it hurt to get started running again. Libby measured the distance perfectly, and my watch beeped 15 just as we got to her street.

So, 15 was tough. We ran a comfortable pace so it wasn't my lungs that limit me... But my legs (and brain) are wondering how I'm going to do that PLUS 11.2 more miles! The good news is I only have 2 more really long runs before the marathon... 17 and 20. The bad news is I only have 2 more. I'm kinda freaking out that I don't have more time to add more 20(+) milers. I believe the marathon has a 6 hour time limit, with the option to start earlier if you think it'll take longer. I will be re-reading that section of the website just in case!

Oh, and the best part of the run was a chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake that Shannon got for all of us to celebrate my 15 miler. It was absolutely amazing. I might have licked the chocolate chips that stuck to the paper.

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Patty White said...

Don't you wish there were porta-potties at least every 5 miles at least with water vendors too!