Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rock n Roll St. Louis Plan

I've had a good few days as far as hip pain. It hurts very little, if at all, during the day. At night, laying in bed, is when it bothers me the most. Work days are a little tough because I'm up and down so much, I guess. I'm optimistically thinking I can walk the half marathon and turn in a time not much slower than my past two half marathons in which I actually ran. It will depend on how comfortably I can walk. If I'm really hurting, I won't push to finish this race. It's obviously not the race I hoped it would be, but if I'm not hurting, I can't turn off my competitive drive. I still want to do my best.

"Goal" A: 2:59:59 (break 3 hours... *only* 1 hour slower than my original goal for this race)
pace 13:44
4.37 mph

"Goal" B: 3:02:22 (beat my slowest half marathon time- Hottest Half this past August)
pace 13:55
4.31 mph

"Goal" C: 3:14:59 (break 3:15, which really seems pretty do-able)
pace 14:53
4.03 mph

At least I won't need walk breaks, LOL. =)

I've started stalking the weather and thinking about what I'll wear on race day. It looks awfully perfect for a race. Old habits die hard. 


Pam said...

I am kicking my own ass for not being in half marathon shape and not being in St. Louis next weekend. I am a HUGE Cardinals fan, and if they clinch this thing tonight and advance to the World Series, DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD CITY IS GONNA BE ROCKIN!?!?!?!?! They wouldn't be playing in St. Louis that weekend--they would play there on Wednesday and Thursday then go to Texas on Saturday, but STILL!!!!!!!!!!

Glad your hip isn't hurting you too badly. Don't push yourself too hard! It's not worth it!

Shanda said...

You may actually enjoy the race sometimes I wish I would just do a race for fun instead of trying to kill myself!! Enjoy it and take it easy!!!